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Foosball Tables

A Word From FoosManchu

A word on foosball and foosball tables from the ProMaster himself, FoosManchu:


Can you remember the last time you were so engrossed in an conscious about the task and challenges at "living in the moment" that when you glanced at the clock, hours had passed like minutes...and minutes like seconds?  Welcome to the world of foosball.
FoosManchu on foosball
Meditate on this experience, my Son, I'll bet it would be characterized by the following:
  • extreme focus
  • complexity
  • challenges
  • skilled performance
  • all within an environment rewarding you with consistently precise feedback on each skill attempted -- in turn -- promoting growth and discovery...

This state of which I speak exists in the balance between anxiety and boredom...pitting your skills against attainable yet increasing challenges. Why do this, you ask? Because this type of experience is so intensely gratifying that people crave these activities, not with the expectation of money, fame, or wanton lasciviousness, but purely for the intrinsic rewards from engaging in the task at hand...foosball, Grasshopper, yes...foosball.

Foosball ProMaster & Black Belt,
Amway Distributor

P.S. Grasshopper, high-quality foosball tables make all the difference in the world.

FoosManchu can get a little wordy sometimes. What he's trying to say is that you need to play on high-quality foosball tables to experience the kind of fun he's talking about.

What do high-quality foosball tables have in common?

Here are a few characteristics of high-quality foosball tables:

  • Front and back-pinning capabilities (man pinning ball against table surface)
  • The ball should be able to remain still on any area of the playing surface
  • Rugged cabinet construction and durability to last for years to come
  • Competition grade rods and bearings
  • Approximately 200 lbs. or more in weight
  • Counter-balanced men ( rotate your men horizontally...they'll stay that way )
  • 3-man goalies ( offers more control and speed of play vs. 1-man goalie )
  • wood handles
  • leg levellers

FoosManchu's Recommended Foosball Tables

There are several brands of foosball tables on the market today with quality ranging from FANTASTIC to downright unplayable. FoosManchu recommends the following makes and models of foosball tables which offer demanding precision and durability to provide you with maximum playability, growth, discovery, and FUN!:

recommended foosball tables
Recommended Tables

Tornado 2000, Cyclone II, Storm II,
Twister II, Whirlwind

FoosManchu's Recommended Distributor of Tornado Foosball Table Parts

None at this time.

Points to Consider When Purchasing Foosball Tables

  • Buy online - Foosball tables typically cost much less when purchased online

  • Buy from an out-of-state distributor - Currently, you don't pay sales tax on out-of-state purchases. Unless you find a distributor with low prices where you can drive to pick up your table (and avoid a shipping charge), I suggest buying from an out of state distributor. Verify with them that there will be no sales tax!

  • ** Find out the shipping charge before you buy - Beware distributors that don't disclose the shipping cost up front. The lowest-priced table you find may wind up costing more than all the others because of a jacked-up shipping charge.

Fascinating Foosball Table Web Sites!

  • - an fascinating foosball resource on foosball tables...a vast and elaborate gallery of images and information on different makes of European and American-made foosball tables. ( This site is currently in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and French! )

  • - an excellent foosball resource and forum ( in Dutch ) including an outstanding gallery of images of foosball tables (speeltafels) that can be enjoyed by speakers of any language.

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