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Lehmacher Statement

Dear Table Football Friends,

We are very excited that table football comes out of the twilight at last, and steps into the limelight, where it belongs.

We have been waiting many years for the interested parties to get together and establish their own European Table Football League. Now this point in time has come, and with EUTSA an Association has been set up to represent the interests of table football across the borders of the different countries.

Uniform regulations along with officially recognized tables, are preconditions to set such a big operation in motion. Now all federations and their members are requested to inject life into EUTSA. It is unavoidable that some of the rules may not fully correspond with those of each single federation, but we must consider this as a whole and with the future of the sport in mind. In case of misunderstandings, these will be solved in the fairest possible way, in the interest of all and not of the individual.

We, the Lehmacher company, make our contribution to make table football live. First of all with our products that are adjusted to the requirements of the players. In the past we have already supported the federations and we will keep on doing so, through our promotions and sponsoring. As a reliable partner we will advise and assist this new European Association under all circumstances.

This way, conditions are created where table football prospers and obtains the respectful position it deserves. We wish EUTSA a lot of success in the future.

With a friendly "GOAL" to all table football lovers.

Marc Lehmacher
Billiardbau Lehmacher.

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