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Eurosoccer / Jupiter Statement

Dear Table Football Friends,

The nv John Gille Co has a well established reputation both within the Belgian as well as in the international world of amusements. Not only as a distributor, but also as a manufacturer of amusement games.

One of the best known products from our range is the "Jupiter table football game". A table that, we are proud to say, has conquered its position in the national world of table football. The Jupiter table is undisputedly the nr.1 in Belgium where quality and quantity are concerned.

There is no doubt that the fusion of the different federations is in the interest of the sport of table football. Up till now we have always been striving for that, including sponsoring on a national level and constant consultation with the federations in order to develop our Jupiter in the best possible way. Reflecting our technical know-how on the practical needs of the players. Also in the future this cooperation will remain one of our main objectives.

We are now very proud being able to introduce the new EUROSOCCER. The Eurosoccer that, because of its synthetic grips and players, has brought on a true revolution within the Jupiter range!! A Jupiter table that has been designed in collaboration with the ruling worldchampion Frédéric "Frederico" Collignon and with the EUTSA organization. The table unquestionably meets with the highest demands of every international player.

Thanks to EUTSA, we will at last have an umbrella organization that will represent the interests of the table football world across the European borders. We are very pleased with the fact that this way, forces are joined for the sake of table football. Consequently we keep on giving our efforts and full support to EUTSA.

For the future, we wish EUTSA all the best with the guidance and futher development of one coordinating organization. It is the one way to obtain recognition as a full sport!

To all players : up to your next "Jupiter-goal" !!

Visit us at :

Kindest regards,

John Gille
nv John Gille Co

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