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Foosball Instruction

The Snake & Pull Shot
Content from FAQ6 v 1.2-1.3
Guide to the Snake and Pull Shots -- (Long Instructions)
(C) 1995 Robert Uyeyama
Permission granted to to publish in modified HTML format.


This FAQ is organized as follows: There are two sections: Part I describes the Snake shot and Part II describes the Pull shot. In each section, there are two sections. Part A) Is a description of the shot for beginners. Part B) Includes more details for intermediate players trying to perfect their shot and learn the different options of the shot.

This FAQ is NOT intended to limit posts to R.S.TS; there are many players on R.S.TS who undoubtedly have good (better) advice above and beyond what is described here. If anything, you may find this file to generate questions, such as clarifications of ideas. This file is intended as a reference from which to begin learning the shots, and you will find it helpful to have a hardcopy with you at the foosball table. Questions may also be mailed to the author. Corrections and suggestions are always welcome, esp on the Snake section, which is still rough.

Happy Foosing!

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