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EUTSA Newsletter - Feb. 2003

Conctacts in 25 European countries! Positive reactions about Eutsa from ,Federations, organizations and businesses.

Hello Table Football Friends,

In response to our first newsletter dated January, we received lots of positive reactions from all over Europe. We have now contacts with federations, organizations, promoters and businesses in 25 European countries.

At the ATEI trade fair in London, 22nd/24th January, the EUTSA executive committee - Jean Pierre Pirlet (chairman) and Mat Koussen (secretary) - has been able to build valuable international contacts and establish many relations.

The EUTSA-TEAM holds now several experts from various countries, who, together with the EUTSA executive committee, will be working on a solid foundation for the development of the sport of table football in Europe.

Both the Eurosoccer (Jupiter) table, made by John Gille Co Belgium and the Lehmacher table, from Billiardbau Lehmacher Germany, have been officially recognized by EUTSA for international Eutsa tournaments. The commitment of both directors, John Gille and Marc Lehmacher, to the promotion of table football is very significant.

On the Eutsa Website,, we give extensive information in no less than 5 languages. The site is still partly under construction.

Our aspiration is to gather federations, promoters, organizations, and businesses from different countries to affiliate with EUTSA, by applying for a EUTSA A- or B-licence.

From the 2nd quarter on, we will make some important decisions, together with our licence holders through Email voting, regarding: *Euro Rules / * European Rankings / * Delegation to EC's.

The multiple world champion, "Frederico" Collignon (Belgium), has been the first to take a personal EUTSA membership card. He is at the top of the list of several dozens of players already, from Belgium and Holland.

With kindest regards,
The EUTSA executive committee,

Jean Pierre Pirlet - Chairman
Mat Koussen - Secretary
Maurice Hauben - Eutsa Sports Director

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