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Foosball Instruction

Guide to Passing
Content from FAQ2 v 2.4
Guide to Passing (for beginners and intermediates)
(C) 1995 Robert Uyeyama
Permission granted to to publish in modified HTML format.


The reason for this file's existence is its Chapter II, describing brush-passing. You do not need to read Chapter I to learn the brush pass described in the second chapter. My recommendation is to simply ignore (or skim through) Chapter I, which has some basic concepts and a few tricks. The brush-pass, however, is a very important technique for competitive play, so freely skip to the second chapter and go to the first Chapter only for an occassional quick-to-learn trick. Chapter III on 2-5 and 2-3 passing is only intended as a very general guideline.

Regarding table brands, the brush-pass can be adapted to most types of tables, although this file was written with the hard surfaces and toe-shapes of the Tornado table in mind. If your table (for example a Dynamo) is much "stickier", you may find that the brush-pass attempt simply ends up in a pinned ball. In this case adapt the technique, starting the ball not quite so far back, and it should work fairly well. With the Tournament Soccer and similar tables (e.g. Premier Soccer), the men's toes stand further from the playing field, so again, the answer is to move the ball slightly forward (from the recommended near-back-pin distance). Among almost all types of tables, the strategy of being able to shoot a quick wall or lane pass from the same position (and having the skill to catch such a fast pass) is universal. Note that the alternative stick-pass series is not described here, and probably will be included in a later version of this file.

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